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The following are a select few of the sites I've designed and/or maintained. Several other sites I've designed cannot be showcased here due to their private/internal business nature. I've also included some templates I've designed, but have not yet turned into actual sites.

The Buffy Cross & Stake
From December 1997 to May 2003, The Buffy Cross & Stake was slowly built up to become one of the largest and most popular fan sites dedicated to the television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I designed and maintained the layout, site content and graphics in my spare time, for zero profit due to copyright issues. Site content was always of a simplistic nature, both for ease of accessibility to all fans and due to significant site traffic. At peak times, the site processed well over 50,000 unique hits and logged over 1 GB of bandwidth transfer each day. The site is still online and still receiving as many as 5000 hits per day, though the site is no longer updated. The subject may seem trivial to some, but the site earned global recognition and I gained invaluable experience in site maintenance, Internet communication, and management.

An Angel's Soul
Built as a companion site to The Buffy Cross & Stake (TBC&S) in 1999, An Angel's Soul was dedicated to the spin-off series, Angel. I built the site before the series began and initially modeled it after my other site, before I branched out and got more creative with graphics. This site went on to become nearly as popular as TBC&S and I soon became recognized for, the parent site, so both TBC&S and An Angel's Soul could be connected as one.

Project: College Concert Connection
This site was the result of a college project for a Database Systems class. I worked with a team of 4 others to develop a fictional site concept, database construction, data, and website interface. I was the primary designer for all of the HTML, layout, and graphical components of the website. Without a database server, the site lacks the database activity it was designed for, but it is still visually accessible for the HTML-based elements.

Template: Art on the Wall
This is one of the many sites I've built as templates for layouts, designs, graphics, and general coding experimentation. There's no actual content on the site, but you can explore the links, layout and effects.

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