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I created this portfolio site to showcase some of the websites I have designed in a more informal format than a standard resume or portfolio might. I wanted the opportunity to truly explain my motivation and mentality while working on the sites I have designed.

I have been designing and building web sites since I was 14, primarily as a hobby in my free time. Web design is truly a passion of mine that has inspired my chosen path in college and what I hope will be a successful career in the website industry. In December of 2005, I will graduate with my Bachelors in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.

Unlike many web designers I know, I write every page I design from scratch using nothing more than a simple text editor. Although I know how to use most design programs (or can quickly learn how), I prefer hand-coding. There are plenty of tasks I prefer to have a software program do for me, programming is not one of them.

While I believe my sites and their successes speak for themselves, my passion for creating and maintaining websites may not seem so obvious. I've dedicated myself to creating websites at my own expense for 8 years now. I've never been able to make a profit from my sites and have poured the majority of my hard-earned pennies into keeping my sites running. Even two years after the end of both shows is dedicated to, my inactive sites still manage to pull in 5000+ hits a day.

In all the years of my experience with websites, not only have I learned how to create the code that makes the sites work, but I've learned what it takes to build a successful and effective website. A website of any size or purpose is an investment intended to achieve a goal and reach an audience. As a designer, it's not only my job to provide the site layout and design, but to make a site a success.

Whether you're just browsing or considering me for work on a website or graphics, I hope you find something that interests you. For more examples of my design work, my resume, to request my design services or to simply contact me, you can use the Contact form or e-mail me.


Buffy X-Posed - A guide to Buffy and it's cast.
The Buffy Cross & Stake is listed in the links section.
Village Voice - A weekly news publication.
Featured an article on "bootlegging" episodes onto the Internet and I was quoted in it.
American Libraries - A monthly magazine for Librarians.
Lists The Buffy Cross & Stake as an 'Indespensible Buffy Reference.'
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Internet Guide (1st and 2nd edition)
The Buffy Cross & Stake is listed and second issue lists the site as one of the top.
Forbes - Business magazine.
Feature an article on the blackout and Fox. I was interviewed for and quoted in it.
Big Hit - Australia entertainment magazine.
Repetitive linking of this site, naming one of the top 10, and use of Color ads (uncredited, though!)
The Net - UK Internet Magazine. is featured as the #1 Greatest Ever Home-Grown site. Woo Hoo.
Seventeen - Teen Magazine.
The Buffy Cross & Stake link and brief description provided in a special Buffy pull-out of the August 2001
issue with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover.

New York Post - NY/National Newspaper.
"Gotta Know How It All Turns Out?" I was interviewed and quoted for an article on Spoilers.
Monday, May 6, 2002 issue.

Linked At / Published on the Web

Primetime Review - An updated listing of the current network schedules.
On all of the schedule pages, where Buffy the Vampire Slayer is shown to air, my site was chosen to be the link.
Kids TV Site at - A site that lists Internet sites for kids.
My site was one of the few Buffy pages selected to be on this list under Adventure.
WebGuide - Selective Search Engine
Selected for the search engine.
Newsguy - Sci-Fi Capsule - "Buffy's Dead...But Not Really" article. (10/01/01)
I was quoted in response to a question about the Buffy move to UPN.
SciFi.Com - Web Guide.
The Buffy Cross & Stake was selected for a featured mention on the main page, sort of a 'site of the day' deal.
WB Afiliates - WB11, WB17, WB33 and WB39 to name a few.
Vol. 4, Issue 1 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer newsletter sent out by the WB affiliates named The Buffy Cross & Stake the Site of the Week! ( :

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